With the work and teachings of masters such as Shaax’saani Keek’ Jennie Thlunaut, Lkheinaa George Benson, Kéet Yaanaayí Willie Marks, and Seigheighei Emma Marks in spirit, the documentary spends time with Culture Bearer and carver Khinkaduneek Paul Marks, master weavers Daalsak’u Tláa Clarissa Rizal, Chas’ Koowu Tláa Teri Rofkar and Lily Hope Wooshkhindeinda.aat, and multidisciplinary artists L’eiw Yéil Ricky Tagaban, Yéil Yatseen Nick Galanin, and Lkheinaa Jerrod Galanin to name a few.

The documentary’s music is by Tlingit and Unangan artist Yéil Yatseen’s music project Silver Jackson.

This project is supported, in part, by a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

“It was an honor to be part of this meaningful project that reveals a universal truth: history, identity, and devotion enspirit all human art. Through these impeccable works, the faces of these weavers smile at us today. They remind us who we are.”

– Saankalaxt’ Ernestine Hayes, Alaska State Writer Laureate

“It was important to us at KTOO Public Media and 360 North that we support an indigenous vision in bringing the film to fruition. This project allowed us to share our tools and reach with Khaagwáask’ Ishmael Hope and the Alaska Native people in the documentary to tell their own stories, in their own way. We are excited to pursue more collaborations like this designed to share authentic, non-Western-centric perspectives.”

-Cheryl Snyder, Assistant General Manager for Arts & Culture

The Artists