2018 Red Carpet Concert Folk Fest Sessions

March 21, 2019

Arts@360: Songwriters

March 2, 2018

Arts@360: 2017 Red Carpet Concert Series Special Presentation

February 15, 2018

Arts@360: Alaska Originals: The Ratfish Wranglers

February 5, 2018

Arts@360: Alaska Folk Festival 2017 Red Carpet Concerts

December 8, 2017

Arts@360: Alaska Robotics Mini-Con Concert Special

April 24, 2017

Arts@360 Alaska Originals: The Lost Lakers

April 11, 2017

Arts@360: Red Carpet Concert Series II – Folk Festival -2016

March 31, 2017

Arts@360: Red Carpet Celebration 2016 Sessions #403

December 16, 2016

Teri Tibbett and Friends

Teri Tibbett has performed on the stages of festivals and clubs in over 70 Alaskan communities since 1976. Her music is rich with Alaskan perspective.

Arts@360: Alaska Originals’ Woosh Kinaadeiyí

Woosh Kinaadeiyí is an organization committed to diversity, inclusive community, and empowering voice. Events including open mics, poetry slams, and spoken word workshops.

John Muir: University of the Wilderness

A narrative concert featuring the writings of John Muir and the music of

The Hannah Yoter Band

Hannah has assembled a band and refined her sound that sits right in the middle of Americana roots and classic country.


An an experimental chamber group that blends psych-folk and hip-hop with classical themes and defies any notion of musical normativity

Playboy Spaceman

A band whose style was once described as "gospel rock futuristic electronica magic."

Yngvil Vatn Guttu with the Rob Cohen Trio

Yngvil Vatn Guttu doesn’t just make music. She makes music happen.


Experimental country rock in the vein of traditional American music


Drum songs from the Inuit cultures of Greenland and Alaska with vocals that bring

Native Jazz Duo

Unique jazz arrangements that artfully blend swing, bebop and funk with folk and native melodies

The Anna Lynch Band

Pitch-perfect country songwriting, built on a bed of Alaskan bluegrass

Deering and Down

“Smoky Memphis cast in shimmering northern lights”

Marian Call

With a sound once described as “acoustic joy jazz,” this concert features original favorites, videos, conversation and more.

The Alaska String Band and Will Putman

Hear the Alaska String Band’s fast picking and unique interpretations of Alaskan stories and Will Putman explore solitude, beer making and friendship.

Amy Lou and Josh Lockhart

Two concerts in one episode, featuring Soldotna’s Amy Lou and Juneau’s Josh Lockhart.

Sarah Hanson and Tony Tengs

Two concerts in one episode - unique perspectives on things Alaskan and otherwise

Rob Cohen Jazz Group

The Rob Cohen Jazz Group takes the stage with a performance they’re calling “Contrafaction”.

Spreading the Venezuelan Music Program El Sistema Worldwide

Tony Woodcock is President of the New England Conservatory of Music, which just graduated its fifth class of Sistema Fellows educated in Venezuela's El Sistema music principles,

Todd Grebe and Cold Country

Americana music infused with bluegrass fiddle and mandolin, three-part harmonies and dance-friendly waltzes

Kray Van Kirk

Alaskan singer-songwriter, delivering rich stories with many timeless and universal themes

Harrison B.

Original progressive American soul tunes