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The Road Home is a private nonprofit social services agency that assists homeless individuals and families, in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Here, a view from outside. Cayce Clifford for NPR

Utah Reduced Chronic Homelessness By 91 Percent. Here’s How.

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A decade ago, Utah set itself an ambitious goal: end chronic homelessness. As of 2015, the state can just about declare victory: The population of chronically homeless people has dropped…

During the sleep-out, students made signs about youth homelessness that they waved outside Mendenhall Mall and Safeway. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)

High school sleep-out raises $3,000 for homeless youth

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About 200 kids and teenagers in Juneau are homeless. There are students without adequate or regular housing in every school in the district. This past weekend, high school students slept out in the…

Thane Campground closes for winter, displacing homeless

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“Going back to school cost me $1,100 and being homeless,” said Elliot Scott.

Utah housing expert who cut chronic homelessness 90% pitches Alaska solutions

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Gov. Bill Walker says he’d “love for Alaska to be the first state without homelessness.” With a little inspiration from the state of Utah, some are hopeful that could become reality.

Homeless survey finds at least 70 in Juneau sleeping outside

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“We lay out the tarp to give us something dry to lay on and then we lay our bedding out on top of that and then the excess tarp we put over ourselves,” said Clyde Didrickson.

Candlelight vigil honors people who died on the streets of Anchorage

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Sunday night about 70 community members gathered on the Park Strip in Anchorage to honor those who died while living outside on the streets this summer.

‘I thought he was safe,’ brother says of man found in wetlands

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There are moments when James Knudson forgets his younger brother, John Knudson, is dead.

Affordable senior housing project in limbo with broken partnership

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“We put in a lot of time, effort, money, blood, sweat, tears into this project and it’s very disappointing, very disappointing,” said St. Vincent de Paul’s Dan Austin.