Where can I watch Gavel Alaska?

The service is broadcast statewide throughout Alaska.  Gavel Alaska is broadcast over the air on digital television in Anchorage (channel 7.3) and Juneau (channel 3.2). GCI Cable carries the service on channel 15 (channel 18 in Juneau), and many independent cable companies also carry Gavel Alaska. Dish Network and DirecTV provide the service to most of their subscribers in Alaska.  The TV feed is also streamed live on the web.  To find out where to watch in your community, pick your service provider on our schedule.

How is Gavel Alaska funded?

The City and Borough of Juneau provides a major grant to fund our coverage, and dozens of public-spirited Alaska businesses, associations and nonprofit agencies contribute funds annually to make Gavel Alaska possible. KTOO, the public television station in Juneau, also funds the service.

Since 2012, Gavel Alaska has received a grant of $98,800 from the Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission, a State of Alaska board appointed by the governor to administer state funding for Alaska’s public radio and television stations. KTOO also receives other state grants from the APBC to support Juneau’s local public broadcasting services.

You can contribute too by joining the 360 Circle. Visit our sponsors page for a full list of supporters.

Who decides what you cover?

The producer of Gavel Alaska, an employee of KTOO, makes the day-to-day programming decisions based on the subject matter, availability of staff and the number of hours in the broadcast day. Gavel Alaska is independent of the Legislature and the State. Generally, we almost always cover House and Senate floor sessions and key committee meetings. As time allows, we may also air press conferences, subcommittee meetings, public policy events and speeches and other matters related to state government.

How can I get my event covered?

We’re always open to suggestions for what to cover on Gavel Alaska.  We make decisions based on several factors, including the availability of equipment and personnel and public interest in the event.  To offer a suggestion, contact the Gavel Alaska producer.

Can I buy a recording of an event televised on Gavel Alaska?

Yes.  To order, find the event in our media archives and fill out the Gavel Media Request Form.  We’ll confirm the availability of the event and contact you for payment information.  Generally, we charge $40 for the first hour.  We can usually provide a DVD copy of event within seven business days.

What music plays during at-eases and breaks?

control room iPod Gavel Alaska break at-ease music

This iPod is constantly looping music. It’s connected to the 360 North master control room soundboard so we can pipe it into the TV mix when we’re between meetings, on standby or at ease. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/360 North)

Here’s the playlist.

Title Artist
Tambour Battant A Filetta
Morning Poem Andreas Vollenweider
Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire Belfast Harp Orchestra
Grooveyard Benny Green
Cowboy Song Brian Keane
Searching Brian Keane
Apres La Chasse Bruno Coulais
Le Vol. des Cygnes Bruno Coulais
The Mirrored Widow Cyrus Chestnut
The Dark Before the Dawn Cyrus Chestnut
My Song In the Night Cyrus Chestnut
Blues From the East Cyrus Chestnut
Spiral Dance David Lanz
Mr. Cool Breeze Donald Harrison
Bear on a Rock Ford James
Light Under Dark James Ford
Can the Gwot Save Us? Kaki King
Sounds Like Winter Kenny Garett
Can I Just Hold Your Hand? Kenny Garett
The Clergy’s Lamentation/Sparation… Kim Robertson
Kuu Kitaro
Carolan’s Receipt Lifescapes
One Starry Night Lifescapes
The Planets, Op. 32: Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity London Philharmonic Orchestra & Sir Adrian Boult
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are Mark Whitfield
Mr. Syms Mark Whitfield
John and Mamie Mark Whitfield
Beyond the Machine Move D
Crooked Heat Odd Men Out
Albatross Ottmar Liebert, Luna Negra
Brian Boru’s Set Patrick Davey & Belfast Harp Orchestra
Papillion Secret Garden
Kindred Spirits Shadowfax
The Old Woman’s Dance Sileas
Gateway Spencer Brewer & Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel
Shadow Gypsies William Eaton
Between Sacred Mountains William Eaton
All New (Heart Shut Tight) Marian Call
Press or Say Three (Your Call is Important to Us) Marian Call
Ina Flew the Coop Marian Call
Whistle While You Wait Marian Call
The Underground Marian Call
Coffee by Numbers Marian Call
E.S.B. Marian Call
Perilous Road Marian Call
Anchorage Marian Call
I’m Yours Marian Call

When does hallway cam coverage begin?

Capitol Scenes, a.k.a. the hallway cam, begins when multiple key committee meetings and floor sessions are delayed indefinitely and our television crews are all on standby.