Sullivan, Geraghty testify on ‘federal overreach’

The commissioner of Alaska’s Natural Resources department says there has been an unprecedented level of federal overreach in recent years. But Dan Sullivan says the state has seen success in pushing back.

Sullivan and Attorney General Michael Geraghty appeared before the Senate State Affairs Committee Tuesday. They said Alaska isn’t the only state to contend the federal government is overstepping its authority, and, they said, it’s not just an issue being raised by Republican administrations.

Gov. Sean Parnell, in his State of the State address, said Alaska will stand up for what’s right, when a federal agency oversteps its bounds.

Sullivan, a former attorney general, said there have been troubling trends in federal decisions affecting Alaska, including long delays in permitting and a lack of state input.

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Sullivan, Geraghty testify on ‘federal overreach’