Democratic senator challenges Parnell on oil taxes

A Democratic state senator is challenging Gov. Sean Parnell to a debate on Alaska’s oil tax structure.

That is Sen. Bill Wielechowski’s response to a tweet from Parnell’s Twitter feed on Saturday. The tweet said that “extreme” Democratic legislators say Parnell’s oil tax proposal goes too far, while the Alaska Oil and Gas Association says it doesn’t go far enough. The tweet said that lends credibility to the argument that the proposal is fair.

Wielechowski said the bill is bad public policy, and amounts to a giveaway with “no strings attached.” He then asked the governor to debate him on the issue, on statewide radio and TV.

Parnell’s spokeswoman said Tuesday that Parnell looks forward to the public vetting process of his proposal.

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Democratic senator challenges Parnell on oil taxes