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Inside Out: The Challenges of Reentry – Forum@360

March 15, 2018

Young Midwives Lead Social Transformation in Rural Pakistan with Quratul Ain Bakhteari

Quratul Ain Bakhteari founded the Institute for Development Studies and Practices in Pakistan. IDSP effects positive change in communities by training and empowering young people.

North Korea, Bellicose Tweets and Other Nuclear Challenges We Face with Philip Yun

Ploughshares Fund Executive Director Philip Yun. Yun's nonprofit works to eliminate the dangers of nuclear weapons.

Artist talk with Linda Infante Lyons

March 7, 2018

American Graduate Champions

Lgeik’i (Heather) Powell is the director of the Hoonah City Schools’ Haa Kusteeyí Áyá program.

At a culture camp in Hoonah, students learn Tlingit language, art, music, and food preparation.

Teri Rasmussen and John Parent are a volunteer “Big Couple” with Big Brothers Big Sisters, where they were matched with Derrick Price. Spending time with Rasmussen and Parent has helped Derrick cope with illness in the family.

The Youth Employment in Parks program helps students gain real-world experience in the the workplace. The program is a partnership between Juneau Parks & Recreation and Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL). C. Allen Truitt is the coordinator for the program for the parks department and Mallory Story is a supervisor with SAIL.


Tlingit Art Across Generations

360 North and KTOO Public Media are proud to announce the release of “Lineage: Tlingit Art Across Generations.” Produced in Juneau, Alaska in collaboration with Tlingit poet and storyteller Khaagwáask’ Ishmael Hope as co-director, the one-hour documentary takes viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of Tlingit artists. As Khaagwáask’ writes, “the film spends time with families whose works are present and of today, yet they’d make their ancestors proud, and their stories speak to the future.”

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Alaska State of the Judiciary 2018

February 7, 2018

Windows into Heaven: An Artist Talk with Deacon Charles Rohrbacher

February 3, 2018


February 3, 2018


February 3, 2018


Arts@360: Songwriters

March 2, 2018

Arts@360: 2017 Red Carpet Concert Series Special Presentation

February 15, 2018

Arts@360: Alaska Originals: The Ratfish Wranglers

February 5, 2018

Arts@360: Alaska Folk Festival 2017 Red Carpet Concerts

December 8, 2017