Tinsel Town Knock Down

Saturday night’s Juneau Rollergirls Tinsel Town Knock Down saw some great skating, hard hits and a surprise appearance by the jolly man from the North Pole himself. We aired the show live on TV and hosted a live online discussion on 360north.org.

We loved your comments both through the site and on Twitter and wanted to share some of our photos from the night including a couple behind the scenes peaks of what a TV production looks like.

Refs and scorekeepers meet before the bout.

Andy Kline interviews two “freshmeat” skaters before the bout starts.

Even Santa Claus loves a good Roller Derby.

Another skater goes down hard as they head around the corner.

KXLL’s Andy Kline and Money Honey provided live announcements throughout the broadcast keeping viewers in the loop about what was happening on the track.

Hard hits are part of the game.

It takes a lot screens behind the scenes to run the show.

A little crowding in the pack.

The TV control area is where camera angles, audio and graphics are all handled.

A hard hit sends one skater to the center of the track.

For coverage of such a fast-paced event, cameras must be everywhere.

The teams shake hands after the bout.

The Killcats celebrate their victory.

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