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Forum@360: The Path to Renewable Energy in Southeast

December 19, 2016

Putin and Russia’s Evolving Image in the United States with Artem Zagorodnov

December 19, 2016

Arts@360: Local Legends – a presentation of the Alaska Design Forum

December 16, 2016

Arts@360: Writers’ Showcase: Impermanence #404

December 16, 2016

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Alaska's Budget

Forum@360: Alaska Politics and Public Policy – Clive Thomas #401

Academic and longtime Alaska political observer Clive Thomas discusses historical shifts in Alaska politics and policymaking.

Angela Rodell, Alaska Permanent Fund (Part 2)

Angela Rodell - Alaska Permanent Fund, Part 2 (2016)

Angela Rodell, Alaska Permanent Fund (Part 1)

Angela Rodell - Alaska Permanent Fund, Part 1 (2016)

Alaska’s Deep Money Challenge and What We Can Do

The Alaska budget game show - the most you've ever had balancing a state budget!

The Flying University

Documentary project

Inmates study literature and philosophy in a prison in Juneau, Alaska. This documentary offers a rare look at the classes inside the prison and the impact on students who participate in the program, which is called “the Flying University”.

The program traces its roots to underground philosophy courses in the Soviet Union – the original “Flying University.”

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Arts@360: Red Carpet Celebration 2016 Sessions #403

December 16, 2016

Teri Tibbett and Friends

Teri Tibbett has performed on the stages of festivals and clubs in over 70 Alaskan communities since 1976. Her music is rich with Alaskan perspective.

Arts@360: Alaska Originals’ Woosh Kinaadeiyí

Woosh Kinaadeiyí is an organization committed to diversity, inclusive community, and empowering voice. Events including open mics, poetry slams, and spoken word workshops.

John Muir: University of the Wilderness

A narrative concert featuring the writings of John Muir and the music of

Marine Exchange of Alaska -
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